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Mag Racks

We created the Mag Rack system specifically for Egg Crate’s which are commonly used in the reefing fragging community. Most have their egg crate’s on the sea floor using pvc pipe or pillars of some type. This rack system is basically a shelf system which you can place your egg crate on, in any shape/length you like.

Racks hold up to 1 lb per rack, and you can add more weight by distributing the load with more racks.

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Shipping & Processing Times

Most orders are kept in stock, and ship out within 1 business day. If your order requires printing before shipping, we’ll reach out if it’s going to be longer than 1-2 business day to give you the choice of canceling your order.

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Frag Racks anyone?

In a frustrating search to find a nice frag rack that didn’t cost crazy money for my tanks, I decided to purchase a printer and make my own. I usually try to avoid products which are already mass produced as 3D printing just takes too much time and it’s too hard to compete with a product that can be molded and created within a few seconds. However with frag racks, it’s a bit different as every tank and reefer is different. There’s not allot of color options out there within the mass produced products and many of them are a one size fix all, which are either too bulky in a nano tank or selling for crazy money for such a custom design.

We currently are offering a discount for multiple Frag Rack Orders.
Buy 2 – get $1 off each rack
Buy 3 – get $2 off each rack
Buy 4 – get $3 off each rack
Buy 5 – get $4 off each rack
Buy 6 – get $5 off each rack! (Can’t do any lower than this without loosing $)

If you are looking for a specific size/type of frag rack, it only costs $9.99 to have us design one for you! Just contact us via our contact page.