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Frag Racks anyone?

In a frustrating search to find a nice frag rack that didn’t cost crazy money for my tanks, I decided to purchase a printer and make my own. I usually try to avoid products which are already mass produced as 3D printing just takes too much time and it’s too hard to compete with a product that can be molded and created within a few seconds. However with frag racks, it’s a bit different as every tank and reefer is different. There’s not allot of color options out there within the mass produced products and many of them are a one size fix all, which are either too bulky in a nano tank or selling for crazy money for such a custom design.

We currently are offering a discount for multiple Frag Rack Orders.
Buy 2 – get $1 off each rack
Buy 3 – get $2 off each rack
Buy 4 – get $3 off each rack
Buy 5 – get $4 off each rack
Buy 6 – get $5 off each rack! (Can’t do any lower than this without loosing $)

If you are looking for a specific size/type of frag rack, it only costs $9.99 to have us design one for you! Just contact us via our contact page.