1.5in Rimmed Tank Adapter – Convert a wide tank lip to a smaller rim for attachments such as the Ai Prime Light, small lightweight devices


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Full sizing can be found in the photos section of all angles of the bracket/adapter.

Have you found the perfect device to attach to your tanks rim, only to find the device isn’t wide enough to fit your tanks rim?
This adapter allows you to convert a tank rim up to 1.5″ down to a 3/4in (19.05mm) rim.

Bolt screws are 3/4in (19.05mm) below the top of the rim to allow for a rimmed tank design.

Perfect for small fans, lights, Ai Prime Light, etc. Sold as a single rim adapter.

Important Note: Always be mindful of how much pressure you are placing on your tank glass. You are responsible for the use of this product. It has many uses, and can solve allot of problems with care/caution.