Acrylic Display Numbers & Letters 0-9 A-Z Great for under UV Lights and in Salt Water!



Now it’s easier than ever to display prices, section numbers, whatever your needs are within your selling racks.

Commonly used in the fragging aquarium business to label items for sale under UV lights. Although they have many uses!

3D Printed Frag Plugs are designed to fit in up to 1/2″ frag racks.

Comes as a DIY Kit with 3D Printed Plug Blanks or just numbers/letters. Numbers/letters will be separate from the plug so you can mix and match as needed. You can fit up to 2 numbers/letters per plug or place the numbers on your own plugs/racks. We also carry a 3 Digit Blank which allows you to glue up to 3 digit combos. Lots of options!

Ordering options are
– Numbers 0-9 in Neon Orange or Green
– Letters A-M in Neon Orange or Green
– Letters N-Z in Neon Orange or Green
– 3 Digit Blanks in Black or Clear Acrylic
– 3D Printed in PETG Frag Plugs with even tops for gluing. (Qty: 13)

Numbers/Letters glow very well under UV Lighting. (Between the 2 colors, Green glows the brightest)

You just need to glue the numbers onto the plugs with either 100% reef safe Silicone or Gel Super glue.

We recommend silicone as it’s less messy and doesn’t dry white. Just use a cotton swab for application and allow to dry 3 days before placing in a tank.

PLEASE NOTE: Letters & Blanks are cut from 3mm acrylic and will require you to remove the masking over each letter/number. This masking protects the numbers during the cutting and shipping process.
There is also minimal char from the burnt masking which easily washes off in water.

Frag plugs are printed from 100% fill PETG

Additional information

DIY Option

Numbers(0-9) -Orange, Numbers(0-9) -Green, Letters(N-Z) -Orange, Letters(N-Z) -Green, Letters(A-M) -Orange, Letters(A-M) -Green, Frag Plugs(Qty:13), 3 Digit Blank -Clear, 3 Digit Blank -Black