Amazon Fire TV Remote With Apple Air Tag, Tile Holder. Fits 2nd & 3rd Gen Fire Remotes


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Our TERMS AND CONDITIONS can be viewed here –

IMPORTANT: The back of the remote must be removed before the fire tv remote can slip into the cover.

FITMET NOTE: We have a photo showing which models do or don’t work with our cover. There are many different types of OEM Fire TV remotes.
As a general rule, if your remote’s back cover slides/slips into place, then it is Compatible with our covers. If it snaps into place, then it IS NOT compatible with our covers.

Was tired of trying to locate our Amazon Fire TV Remotes, so designed a remote holder which includes space for an apple air tag.

PLEASE NOTE: Apple Air Tag or Tile or Fire TV Remote is not included in listing.

PLEASE NOTE: Tile Sticker (2022) is the model shown in the photo. It fits in our cases, however these cases were really designed for the apple air tags in mind. The Tile is very tight, and requires a screw driver to remove, where the apple air tag slides right out. Fits (With the back cover of the remote removed), 2nd and 3rd Generation fire tv’s, along with the tv bundled fire tv’s such as Insignia. Note: The insignia remote hangs out a tad bit past the cover, but fits/functions just fine.

Comes in many different colors to help you locate the remote visually as well!

We use Bright Colors for 2 different sets in our home. Really helps to find where our toddlers last laid down the remote.

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Primary color

Black, Orange, Neon Green, Hot Pink, Cherry Red, Navy Blue, White, Bubble Gum Pink, Purple, Grey