Aquarium Fish Tank Cooling Fan Hanging Brackets (Set of 2 Brackets)



3 Bracket sizes to fit tank lips of different sizes.

Has bolt holes on both sides of the brackets to accommodate both rimless and rimmed tank lips.
Brackets measure just a few mm’s more than stated sizes to have a snug fit with thumbscrews to make up any difference in gaps.

Fan must have holes on both sides for the bolts to attach through and be no more than 1″ maximum in depth(thickness). If fan is smaller, you may need some washers. (Use stainless steel). Bracket legs are 3/4th in in length.

Printed using reef safe PETG and Stainless Steel hardware.

I printed these because all the other options for cooling a tank were way too noisy and this allowed us to chose a high quality quiet fan for our desktop tank. (Recommend the Noctua NF-R8 fan for it’s quietness, or the Ice Cap CoralVue 3″ Variable Speed Fans) but the sky is the limit for your needs. Just make sure the fan is no greater than 1″ in thickness and has holes on both front and back for a bolt to hold the fan in place.)

Additional information

Weight 1.9 oz
Tank Lip Thickness

1/4 In, 1/2 In, 1 in