Bristle Worm or Critter Trap Capture Device with option for Rod and Multiple Sizes


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Need help ridding your tank or at least thinning the herd of Bristle Worms or small critters?

No one likes placing their hands all the way to the bottom of their tank just to insert and remove a trap. On top of that, a trap should be checked daily, so that’s more times in and out of the tank!

Our traps are designed to fit a .375 in diameter (Width) & 48-in (Length) reflective fiberglass rod that’s sold at most Lowes or Home Depot. The rod can be cut down for smaller tanks. This makes checking and rebating the trap much less of a hassle.

Lowes Rod Name: Hillman 48-in Orange Reflective Rod
Item #: 222125 (Model #: 848638)

Home Depot Rod Name: Everbilt 48 in. Reflective Rod in Orange
Item #: 304685319 (Model #: 31474)

These traps have openings on either side & along one of the length edges
Small Trap – 3mm Openings
Medium Trap – 6mm Openings
Large Trap – 8mm Openings

Traps measure
Small Trap – 3.78″ Length x 1.5″ Width x .91″ Tall
Medium Trap – 4.78″ Length x 2.15″ Width x .91″ Tall
Large Trap – 5.75″ Length x 2.68″ Width x .89″ Tall

Traps are printed with 100% infill so it sinks and does not float with a clear acrylic lid

For bait, you can just add a little dried/frozen mysis or krill shrimp in the center of the trap.

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