Neon Green DIY Frag Plug Display Numbers – 0-9


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Now it’s easier than ever to display prices, section numbers, whatever your needs are within your selling racks.

Designed to fit in up to 1/2″ frag racks.

Comes as a DIY Kit with either plugs & numbers/letters or just numbers/letters. Numbers/letters will be separate from the plug so you can mix and match as needed. You can fit up to 2 numbers/letters per plug or place the numbers on your own plugs/racks. Lots of options!

Ordering options are
– Numbers 0-9
– Numbers 0-9 with Qty: 10 Black Solid Fill Plugs
– Letters A-M
– Letters A-M with Qty: 13 Black Solid Fill Plugs
– Letters N-Z
– Letters N-Z with Qty: 13 Black Solid Fill Plugs
– 3 Digit Blanks (Allow you to glue up to 3 digit combos together)

The Green Neon glows very well under UV Lighting.

You just need to glue the numbers onto the plugs with either 100% reef safe Silicone or Gel Super glue.

We recommend silicone as it’s less messy and doesn’t dry white. Just use a cotton swab for application and allow to dry 3 days before placing in a tank.

Letters & Plugs are printed 100% solid fill so nothing floats.

Additional information

DIY Option

Numbers (0-9), Numbers (0-9) & Plugs, Letters (A-M), Letters (A-M) & Plugs, Letters (N-Z), Letters (N-Z) & Plugs, 3 Digit Blank