Magnet Cable Tie mount. Holds cables nice and tidy against tank wall. Includes Qty: 2 – 4″ zip ties.



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A great way to hold cables close against a tank wall for glass up to 1/2″ thick.

Cable mount detaches so you can more easily attach or glue it in place if desired for a stronger hold. Lots of Uses!

Includes 2 – 4″ zip ties. You can buy extra 4″ zip ties in Quantiles of 4.

Printed in PETG

We include 2 extra magnets for extra holding power for 1/2″ glass. Our magnets do not support 3/4th inch thick glass.

Magnet Notice: Magnets and saltwater is a tough combination. Our Magnets are epoxy coated as a first layer of defense. We then encase our magnets within our 3D prints with solid infill, then glue everything together with 100% reef safe silicone as an extra layer of protection. We find this combination does a great job of keeping the saltwater away from our Magnets.

Additional information

Glass Thickness

1/4th In, 1/2 In, Qty 4 – 4" zip ties Only

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