Magnetic BRS Titanium Heater Element Mount/Bracket (qty – 2)


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Tired of the suction cups for your BRS (Bulk Reef Supply) Titanium Heater Element? This magnet works by using the mounting clips that came with the heater – replacing the suction cups.

Note, these magnets are designed to hold your heater in place, and not to be the only support. You’ll still need to provide some support using the heaters power cord to help keep weight off the magnets.

Includes 2 Magnets. You must supply the grey rings that came with your heater to attach the suction cups.

Good for up to 1/2″ glass max.

Magnet Notice:
Magnets and saltwater is a tough combination. Our Magnets are epoxy coated as a first layer of defense. We then encase our magnets within our 3D prints with solid infill, then glue everything together with 100% reef safe silicone as an extra layer of protection. We find this combination does a great job of keeping the saltwater away from our Magnets.

Additional information

Glass Thickness

1/4th In, 1/2 In

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