Neon Locking Acrylic Magnetic Frag Racks



A Sharp Neon Green or Orange Acrylic Frag Rack with a Locking System to keep your Frags stable and safe from being knocked out by current or tank inhabitants.

Our Neon Green Pops the brightest under UV light, followed closely by our Neon Orange. Our Black and White version is a sharp contrast which looks great, but does not have any Neon/Glowing Properties.

5 Hole Top –  6.2″ Length x 1.30″ Depth x 1.83″ Tall
3 Hole Top –  3.7″ Length x 1.30″ Depth x 1.83″ Tall
1 Hole Top –  1.98″ Length x 1.30″ Depth x 1.83″ Tall

Fits plugs up to 1/2″ wide stems

Works on up to 1/2″ Glass. Our magnets do not support 3/4th inch thick glass.


Magnet Notice:
Magnets and saltwater is a tough combination. Our Magnets are epoxy coated as a first layer of defense. We then encase our magnets within our 3D prints with solid infill, then glue everything together with 100% reef safe silicone as an extra layer of protection. We find this combination does a great job of keeping the saltwater away from our Magnets.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 6.2 × 1.18 × 1.54 in
Primary color

Black/Neon Green, Black/Neon Orange, Black/White

Frag Holes

Single, Three, Five