Red Sea Max Nano Weir Baffle


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Designed for the Red Sea Max Nano

Printed and Sold with Permission from Maker Maas101

The Red Sea Max Nano is a great little marine aquarium however many replace the stock protein skimmer and pump because they can be noisy and also to free up some space. This creates an issue where the stock weir overflows into the skimmer chamber allowing crud to bypass the floss / sock and creating a trickling noise.

This baffle clips into the weir and resolves the issue, it also creates a better chamber to add floss.

We have 2 options for this Weir Baffle. One that isn’t adjustable and one that is.

The reason for the adjustable weir it is that as your mechanical filtration (sock, floss etc.) becomes clogged the flow through it will decrease, this will raise the height of the water in the main display and above the filtration media consequently lowering the height in the skimmer and return sections causing the ATO to kick in and change the salinity.
With the static design this would be pronounced as there was no overflow into the other sections. The adjustable version allows you to set the height to be just above the floss or whatever you are using. When the media gets clogged the water will overflow preventing excessive ATO activation and telling you it’s time to change/clean your media.

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