Single Frag Rack


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Have that one coral that stings others or just looks better in one spot of the tank than the others? This rack holds a single coral.

Fits plugs up to 1/2″ wide stems

Note: Frag Plug is not included.

3/4″ or thicker glass is not supported with our magnets

Magnet Notice:
Magnets and saltwater is a tough combination. Our Magnets are epoxy coated as a first layer of defense. We then encase our magnets within our 3D prints with solid infill, then glue everything together with 100% reef safe silicone as an extra layer of protection. We find this combination does a great job of keeping the saltwater away from our Magnets.

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Black, White, Neon Green, Navy Blue, Cherry Red, Orange, Pink

Glass Thickness

1/4", 1/2"

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