Voss Dosing Bottle Cap With 1/4″ Bulkhead & Acrylic Tube


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The sparkling water brand VOSS has become a very popular container within the reefing community to use for dosing. Many reefers punch a whole in the top and scrape off the lettering for a more finished look.

We’ve designed a cap we can print in several colors to match your color scheme which includes a 1/4th in bulkhead, and acrylic 1/4th internal tube.

1/4″ Bulkhead & inside Acrylic tube are included are included.

You will need to source the Voss container. The container is not included in the purchase.

These Voss bottles are known to work with our caps

  • Plastic 500ml bottle sold at many gas stations for a couple bucks
  • Glass 800 ml bottle sold at more upscale grocery stores. (These are the most desirable due to their size and being glass, but seem to be the hardest to source depending on your location)
  • Glass 375mL (flavored) bottles sold at many CVS’s, etc.

You’ll need 1/4″ R/O Tubing to work with the bulk head. You can order it here from amazon. You can also find other colors on Amazon or a local hardware store.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will needs a more ridged 1/4th tube going into the top, to form a good seal for a dosing pump within the bulk head. Using flexible tubing will most likely not hold a tight enough seal.

Additional information

Primary color

Black, Orange, Cherry Red, Navy Blue, Neon Green, White, Pink

Bottle Type

Plastic 500mL, Glass 375mL, Glass 800mL, Plastic 850mL